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We aim to provide our guests a safe and comfortable setting where they can interact with others and enjoy a cheerful morning.

There are interesting items to browse plus books and craft that can bring back pleasant memories. Creative art activities available to enjoy.

Regular live music by the JamSetters who play a delightful selection of popular songs. Song requests, sing-a-longs and dancing is encouraged!

Podcast by Pineapple FM - "70 sounds young to me" 

Listen to a podcast by Pineapple Street Studios in Brooklyn, New York  called 70 over 70.

This podcast interviewed 70 people from different walks of life and backgrounds to talk about their experiences over the age of 70. 

Paul Price, one of our cafe regulars agreed to be interviewed about his experience of caring for his wife, Jillian who is living with dementia.


Here is his story. Listen from 1.05 min onwards.

The Golden Wattle on ABC Radio

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